About us

The GVA Sawyer Group is a member of the association GVA Worldwide. The company was founded in January 1993. GVA Sawyer has offices in Moscow, St-Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk. GVA Sawyer has completed development projects in different towns of Russia in all the market segments: office, industrial, retail and entertainment , hospitality , residential / land. Specialists of GVA Sawyer have completed over 1,400 projects in 53 cities of Russia and 9 CIS cities starting with concept development to the final implementation.

Key competencies in segments

Client Benefits

GVA Sawyer’s experts have been successfully operating in the real estate market for 20 years. We have accomplished dozens of our own projects in all areas of real estate and have won the lead position in providing clients with a full range of services, from concept to turnkey commissions.
GVA Sawyer’s distinctive features include:

  • The internal resources for complex problem solving throughout every phase of the project;
  • Direct experience in the full cycle of implementation, from concept to construction, and the sale or lease of the facility;
  • Diverse internal resources to address the challenges posed by the owner within strict timeframes;
  • Broad practical experience in the federal centers and regional cities;
  • The expertise and ability to attract the necessary international resources to deal with unusual issues.

Our Team

The GVA Sawyer team combines top professionals from a variety of fields. Active cooperation between the departments of development, consulting, valuation , analytics, brokerage, investment, and construction ensures a comprehensive approach to client problem solving.
These basic principles guide GVA Sawyer’s work:

  • Maximum protection of the client’s interests and client support in all stages of project implementation
  • Comprehensive approach to client problem solving, which employs the resources of all GVA Sawyer’s divisions
  • Compliance with the terms and conditions of agreements
  • Compliance with global standards of quality
  • Exceptional integrity and an individual approach to each client

GVA Sawyer’s extensive experience in property development and investment is employed in constantly developing and improving business models in all of its business units.