Marketing studies

To keep you informed about the hottest events on Russia’s and world real estate markets, GVA Sawyer’s Marketing Department conducts marketing studies on an ongoing basis. We offer a paid subscription for weekly reviews “Key Events”, where you can find the latest information about the main events on residential, office, hotel, retail/leisure, and industrial/warehouse real estate markets; key events, supply, demand.

Subscription peridiocity: weekly, on Mondays.

Reviews’ geography: Moscow and Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg and North-Western Federal District, Krasnodar and Krasnodar Region.

Cost of subscription: 2000 Rubles for 1 market segment in 1 geographical area.

The subscription is available on request.

Marketing Analytics

GVA Sawyer’s Marketing Department conducts continuous monitoring and data collection for the analysis of the economy of Russia, its regions and separate cities. On the ground of these data, GVA Sawyer is capable of preparing on a paying basis highly tailored reports based on macroeconomic and microeconomic indexes and containing analysis and forecast of the characteristics of real estate markets. The analysis is carried out on the basis of:

  • in-house researches conducted by GVA Sawyer on a regular basis (primary sources);
  • open source data (secondary sources);
  • statistics obtained from the Administrations of different levels (official data);
  • logical and mathematical models and methodologies developed by GVA Sawyer.

Subscription peridiocity: on request.

Volume: individually.

Cost of subscription: TBD.

The elaboration of a paid marketing analysis is available on request.