President of GVA Sawyer Vera Setskaya in “CRE TOP 100 market makers” rating

CRE 100

Once again Vera Anatolievna Setskaya has proved her positions in “CRE TOP 100 market makers” rating which has been issued by the editorial stuff of Commercial Real Estate for 6 years already.


In 2011 design works within the framework of construction on the outlet center Fashion House in the area of Sheremetyevo Airport were completed. After a positive conclusion of the State Expert Evaluation Committee was obtained, general construction works commenced. Construction works are to be finished by November 2012. Design works for the project of an IBIS hotel and an Adagio apartmeut hotel in the city of Kaluga, managed by the Accor hotelier, are complete. The company was active in advisory, brokerage and appraisal spheres - it completed more than 30 large consulting projects on hundreds of hectares both in the central and regional cities of Russia as well as in Abkhazia.

In 2011 the company refined its specialization and doubled the volumes of brokered retail space, including in regional cities. The brokerage of the shopping complex Severnoe Siyanie in Moscow will soon be over. This project was nominated for CRE Awards. McDonalds was the largest real estate appraisal client in 2011. GVA Sawyer was accredited as evaluator at a number of large Russian banks. In 2011 robust strategic work was under way, aimed at looking for new development projects, to be launched by the summer of 2012. Vera Setskaya went on her work at the Guild of Property Managers and Developers in the capacity of Chairman of the Advisory Panel for interaction with financial institutions. She actively collaborated with banking associations, promoting to them the services of professional real estate market players. As part of this work, she co-organized with GMD and conducted several round tables and conferences on the subject of project financing. She actively participated as speaker and moderator in all the key conferences and forums of the real estate market. Early in 2012 she was awarded the cor-responding member degree (FRICS) from the international organization RICS.

Plans for the future

In two nearest years Vera Setskaya does not intend to leave the post of GVA Sawyer`s president. She plans to continue working in the Guild of Property Managers and Developers and Russian Office of RICS, to introduce the Western standards in the practice of Russian real estate business. In her own estimation, her mission in the years to come is to raise the company`s capitalization.

Person Details

Vera Setskaya is married and has an adult son. She goes in for karate and likes Japanese cars. Buying clothes, she does not look at brands but just chooses what she likes.

CRE 100, 2012