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Performing the function of a Project Manager (Developer), Sawyer Group is responsible for setting up, maintaining and coordinating the overall scope of procedures and resources related to the project including cost, schedule, reporting systems, interrelation of parties, bidding procedures, contract negotiations and execution. Sawyer Group ensures project efficiency, high quality of construction works, meeting deadlines and successful commissioning and start-up of the project. Basically, Sawyer Group’s functions on the part of Project Manager include the following elements:

  • Project concept elaboration
  • Project planning and organization
  • Resources management
  • Control of design work at all project stages
  • Budgeting and budget control
  • Cost management
  • Schedule management
  • Cashflow management
  • Risks control
  • Organizing and conducting tenders
  • Quality control
  • Contracts system elaboration and management
  • Reporting
  • Work with investors and banks

Project management process is supported by up-to-date IT technologies, providing on-line access by Investors and other participants to the information located on Sawyer Group’s server, which reflects the current progress of the project. All procedures connected with execution of the project are formalized. Planning, budgeting, control and reporting are carried out under the unified forms of Western standard (Project Management Institute PMI and others).

Construction tender package preparation and tendering for all kinds of works are carried out in accordance with the international FIDIC standards. The general contractor is chosen and approved by an established tender committee, including representatives of the Investor.

Careful attention is paid to details of the contracts and availability of protective mechanisms for the Investor, which limit price increase by the Contractor resulting from inaccurate or non-complete description of work volumes.

Efforts of Sawyer Group are directed to the optimization of the construction processes pursuant to the protection of the Investor`s interests and cost cutout. Thus maximizing transparency of all operations in close cooperation with the Investor via precise and thorough reporting.

Sawyer Group is especially proud of its expertise in hotels development and the professional skills of working with international hotel operators at all the project stages. This experience and knowledge are particularly important at the hotel designing stage, when the skilled coordination of the work of the local designers team and the operator becomes crucial in terms of achieving the hotel design efficiency along with adherence to the Russian most complicated construction norms and codes.

The high cost of capital in Russia, and the narrow range of choice of modern premises of various times, makes a build-to-suit project option attractive to the companies that ordinarily lease premises in other markets. Drawing on its multidisciplinary staff and experience, Sawyer Group can manage a build-to-suit project from the initial analysis phase, through site selection, elaboration and approval of the project feasibility study, and construction, to commissioning.

Cameron Sawyer

Cameron Sawyer