Land Plots in St. Petersburg


Land plot for sale in Petrodvortsovy district

Land plot area: 130 Hectares

Location: In Petrodvortsovy district of Saint-Petersburg, next to Mariino village

Development concept: logistics complex: utilities development, construction, lease, selling of the business.Utilities development on the area for following construction of industrial real estate, sale of land to developers

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Land plot for sale on Moskovskoe highway

Land plot area: 11,7 Hectares

Location: Moskovskoe highway, one of the most perspective industrial zones of Saint-Petersburg – Shushary. Industrial zone is located at a distance of 2 kilometers from residential districts of the city and surrounded by the chain of satellite-towns

Development concept: Land plot consists of 2 parts. The first part with an area of 6 ha is adjacent to the highway, the second part with an area of 5.7 ha is adjacent right up to the first part. Type of land plot – settlement land. Land plot is included in zone D (public and business development).

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Land plot for sale in Lomonosovsky district

Land plot area: 14,7 Hectares

Location: Land plot is located in Leningrad region, Lomonosovsky district. Object is located on Vokhonskoe highway at a distance of 1.5 km from road junction of Tallinnskoe highway and the Ring Road

Investment potential: Land plot is located in dynamic business zone. 4 industrial-warehouse complexes are located surrounding the Object (Philipp Moris, Craft Foods, Elcotec, Astros-Logistic warehouse complex) and 3 comlexes are under construction (Gorigo, PetroFrigo) all these factors give evidence of investment potential of this zone.

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Land plot for sale in Shushary settlement

Land plot area: 18500 sq.m.

Location: Shushary settlement, near Moskovskoe highway and Ring Road (at a distance of 1.5 km from road junction), industrial zone

Investment potential: Land plot is located in dynamic business, industrial zone Shushary. Industrial surrounding – factories Toyota, General Motors and Suzuki. Supermarkets Lenta and K-rauta are located near the land plot.

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