June 28, 2017

GVA Sawyer took part in CRE Summit 2017

Vera Setskaya, President of GVA Sawyer, took part in the session devoted to the opening of the summit and made a speech about the essential conditions for successful future development of the market, including intensification of the dialogue between business and authorities, improvement of the mechanisms of legal regulation and the appropriate way to implement them.

Besides, Vera Setskaya made the presentation titled “Current global trends in development of the cities. Are we trendy?” at the Live-talk session. She presented practical conclusions and solutions for creation of successful projects based on the global trends, talked about new real estate formats and the impact of “non-construction factors” such as public spaces, street design, navigation on the commercial success of the project.

You can listen to the interview with Vera Setskaya taken after the sessions on CRE Radio.