July 29, 2017

Saratov new cinema theatre

In September 2017 a modern cinema theater “Oscar” with a square of 930 sq. m. will be opened in Saratov in a brand new shopping and entertainment center Pobeda-Plaza. The complete size of the center is 22 thousands sq. m. Its exclusive broker is GVA Sawyer company.

Cinema Alliance Group company together with the owners of the facility have created a new format cinema conception for the shopping and entertainment center Pobeda-Plaza. A five-hall cinema theatre “Oscar” designed in Hollywood style will be fitted with leading-edge equipment and comfortable seats. The theater will be opened in the very center of Saratov.

The concept includes Child hall, which is unique for the city. It will offer cartoons and child movies to the youngest of the guests, regardless of the ongoing movie schedule. This is especially relevant given that the center is designed to be focused on family activities. A modern trampoline center as well as “Karamelka” child entertainment center is a part of Pobeda Plaza infrastructure and together with a child cinema theatre conception they will create a synergy and provide a new format of family leisure time.

Special mention is made for more privileged audience: a special VIP-zone with 14 chairs of enhanced comfort, its own lobby and bar is created in the cinema. The guests will be able not only to watch a movie in a more comfortable atmosphere, but also to enjoy restaurant dishes and beverages.

“Oscar” cinema theatre is created under a new conception of cinema development in district entertainment and shopping centers with central location. We are sure, that the citizens of the city will duly appreciate the atmosphere of this cinema theater and will prefer it among others”, says to Cyril Hudiakov, executive partner of Cinema Alliance Group.