September 15, 2017

Vera Setskaya on successful development, ProEstate 2017

What makes a developer project successful today? What are the world trends, and do we embody them in our projects? The President of GVA Sawyer Vera Setskaya made a report at the Expert workshop “THE WAY OF THE LEADER: Business&Projects ReStart” in the framework of the ProEstate 2017 forum, which was held in Moscow on 13-14 of September 2017. GVA Sawyer actively participated in the work of the forum. In her speech Vera Setskaya gave a detailed report on the progress, concept, idea, and function synergy of the Kotka Old Port project in Finland, the developer of which is GVA Sawyer. Among the modern trends, which are embodied in the project, Vera highlighted the organization of public spaces, leisure elements, tools aimed at attracting the flows of visitors and keeping their interest in the project. A special feature of the project will be adaptability, innovations, modernization of the city infrastructure.

TThe 15th Congress of the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, whose vice-president and Plenipotentiary Representative in Moscow is Vera Setskaya, was also in the framework of the forum.