October 20, 2017

GVA Sawyer President Vera Setskaya participated in CRE Central Asia 2017

During the international forum CRE Central Asia 2017 in Astana, the president of GVA Sawyer and vice president of the Russian Guild of managers and Developers Vera Setskaya spoke about the difficult times the retail real estate market is going through not only in the CIS states, but all over the world.

The retail real estate market is facing difficult times not only in CIS states, but worldwide. In Russia investors are very cautious in purchasing standing shopping and entertainment centers and barely ever enter development projects in the shopping and entertainment segments. New ideas enter the market, for example, conjunction of retail and entertainment function with hospitality projects, as well as with the educational institutions, - stated Vera Setskaya. The correspondent of the center of business information reports on the matter.