October 23, 2017

“Modern world development trends. Are we in trend?”

The largest international exhibition CRE Central Asia 2017, an annual event which unites real estate market professionals from the Russian Federation and the CIS states, took place in Astana. GVA Sawyer president Vera Setskaya participated in this event as a speaker with a presentation themed “Modern world development trends. Are we in trend? ”

In her speech Vera Setskaya gave exposure on the development evolution and major trends of the world development today. Among the main trends Vera Setskaya highlighted the importance of public space organization and project atmosphere, creation of transfer hubs, organization of pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, etc.

Answering the question “are we in trend”, Vera Setskaya introduced examples of project realization in Russia and described how present-day development projects changed according to the call of the times. Developers switched from “mono” objects to multifunctional ones satisfying the demand of buyers and visitors. Moreover, developers today learned to integrate science and educational objects into their projects, therefore making their attractiveness higher. Vera Setskaya gave “The Kotka. Old Port” project, realization of which is carried out in Finland by GVA Sawyer, as an example. A decision to build a new technical Southeastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and an arena for sport, exhibitions and entertainment events was taken in the framework of the project.

“As time goes, object formats change and new appear”, - summarized Vera Setskaya, - “in particular, “co-working center” entered steadily to the market and found its audience quickly. Other new formats that can be mentioned are: hostels, co-livings, multifunctional spaces, etc”.