Press 2012

CRE №200a

Monorail at VDNkH: Hope of New Life

As a type of public transport, the monorail at VDNkH is not that important today, given that is not very conveniently located and has a small passenger flow (about 13,000 people daily use this kind of transport). Another disadvantage of the monorail (the only one across Russia) is that this line marred the skyline in this part of the city Vigorously discussed at present is the opportunity of MMTS dismantling and construction of a new metro line in this place, as well as the possibility to implement some other projects here. We asked our real estate market experts to discuss what project could possibly replace the monorail. Since $220m was invested in the monorail system, we suggested that our experts should not propose any structural alteration, but just think of some new designation and functions that would not require a massive redevelopment.

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CRE №23(198)

Low Prices Await Everybody in Perm

In five years to come even the most restrained foreign and Russian investors will feel warmer towards regional retail projects. Largest developers and retailers cautiously talk about great interests “far away from the capital cities” and emphasize: it is getting ever more difficult and expensive to enter some regions with each passing year, whereas others are closed already now. Meanwhile Perm, whose provision with quality retail space remains the lowest among the big Russian cities, does its best to do away from the fame of being the most closed region for investors. The local authorities say they wait for everybody and are ready to offer reasonable prices.

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CRE №22 (197)

Izvestiya Building Turns into Mixed-Use

Moscow bids farewell to the legendary Izvestiya building that will be redeveloped into a new mixed-use center. The project described as questionable by some market participants and as controversial by others will take three years to be delivered.

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CRE №22 (197)

Labyrinth vs. the “City of Professions”

Until recent times, Russia’s shopping and entertainment centers had almost no children’s centers or zones in the edutainment format. At the same time, the concept of “teaching through entertainment” has been so popular for many years in Europe and America, that even projects in small towns include this element. In the nearest future, Moscow, St. Petersburg and several other megalopolises will focus on edutainment, as several large market players announced their willingness to develop in this field of activity.

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CRE #12(57)

Shops for Wealthy Provincials

The market of retail properties in Moscow and St. Petersburg is bent on steady saturation and so a growing number of national chains consider regional expansion.

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Commercial Real Estate NORTH-WEST № 11 (56)

Cameron Sawyer: Interview for CRE North-West

Political instability and volatility of global economy negatively impacted the investment attractiveness of the Russian commercial real estate market in spite of the fact that Russia, according to Board Chairman of GVA Sawyer Cameron Sawyer, remains the most appealing market for investors. In his interview for CRE North-West Mr Cameron assessed the present-day situation with investments in Russia.

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Commercial Real Estate СЕВЕРО-ЗАПАД #9(54)

Knock-on Effect or the second wave of the crisis

A specter is roving in Europe, the specter of the crisis. We see disintegration processes in United Europe, when the grassroots, i.?e. the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) no longer want to tighten their belts, while “the upper crust”, i.?e. Germany and France are no longer able to bear the burden of financing of other economies. One should not be deceived by the fact that Greece still holds on in the Eurozone and Spain is not floundering for the time being. The volatility of the Euro increased and the Euro is devaluating, since the process of flooding weak economies with liquidity has already been launched. The hopes for recovery are now linked with the USA and such Asian giants as China and India.

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Commercial Resl Estate, #13 (188)

Why is it so interesting to work in our market?

The statistics for the warehouse market are showing that this segment is showing signs of life at last. Vacancy has been as low as 1% since last year, and now we finally see a significant increase in supply - nearly a million square meters for 2012, with nearly 400,000m2 of new space brought to market so far this year, if the S. A. Ricci report can be believed.

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CRE 100

President of GVA Sawyer Vera Setskaya in “CRE TOP 100 market makers” rating

Once again Vera Anatolievna Setskaya has proved her positions in “CRE TOP 100 market makers” rating which has been issued by the editorial stuff of Commercial Real Estate for 6 years already.

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"Vedomosti" Appendix "Real Estate. Residential Fund"

Point of view: Retirement communities

Retirement communities became conventional in developed countries long ago, or as it was accepted to name these communities – “55 plus” real estate. But in Russia they don’t think about it yet.

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