Expert appraisal of revenues and expenditures for “C” Class office centers



All office buildings are located in close proximity to Moscow business centre that allows tenants and visitors take advantages of well developed infrastructure and use main city highways. Besides that, office buildings are situated close to each other that favour better distribution of administrative and service recourses.

Performed services

  • Analysis of building’s condition and surrounding areas;
  • Evaluation of operative technical equipment;
  • Determination of projects’ operational costs;
  • Analysis of commercial terms for similar projects. Possible rental rates for vacant office premises in the appraised buildings as of the date of conducting the survey;
  • Performance analysis of organizational management of Projects’ managing companies;
  • Recommendations on increasing of Projects’ general attractiveness that influence on incomes growth;
  • Recommendations on utilities running;
  • Recommendations that would enhance Project’s useful life, compliance with the requirements for level of utilities and equipment running, rise security and comfort level for tenants and optimize business processes;
  • Commercial terms forecast for “as is” Projects and Projects after carrying out all recommended improvements.

Project team

Customer — Aliv-M, LLC
Consultant — GVA Sawyer