Analysis of the best and the most effective use of the building

Moscow, Neglinnaya Street


According to analyzed initial data as well as to conducted market analysis and financial calculations, the Consultant has recommended to create ‘B+/A’ Class office mansion on the basis of XIX century historic building.

Technical data

Area of the land plot — 0,11 ha
Total area of the building — more than 2 000 sq.m.


The project is located in the control zone of historic development, close to hotel ‘Peter the First’ and to the office of Central Bank of Russian Federation.

The project is distinguished by extremely little number of parking places near the building and impossibility of underground parking construction. However, a passage to the building from the second line should be organized.

Within the project the Consultant has analyzed options of usage the building as 4* boutique-hotel and residential apartments for sale.

Performed services

The Consultant has conducted analysis of existing capabilities and restrictions regarding to the land plot and to the building, made general calculations of financial indicators of project efficiency for three options of property’s functional usage. The usage of the building as an office centre was recommended as less risky and more convenient option from the technical point of view.

Project team

Customer — ООО ‘Sapfir-Monolit’
Consultant — GVA Sawyer