Construction projects

GVA Sawyer Девелопмент СтроительствоGVA Sawyer Девелопмент СтроительствоGVA Sawyer Девелопмент СтроительствоGVA Sawyer Девелопмент Строительство

GVA Sawyer has wide experience of reconstructing and finishing of office buildings, including restoration works. For instance, the reconstruction of the 18th century historical mansion, located near the US embassy, was implemented for the companies Leucadia International and PepsiCo International. GVA Sawyer managed to keep the historical look of the building inside and outside, having it equipped at the same time with such modern “attributes” as the central air conditioning system and computer cables wiring.

GVA Sawyer has performed a full range of interior finishing works in the representative office of one of the United Nations agencies in Russia, located in the Alexeevskiy Dom on Ostozhenka St., 28. The Chase Manhattan Bank branch office expansion in the “Parus” business center on Tverskaya St. could be called one of the most complicated engineering projects of GVA Sawyer. GVA Sawyer performed the work in the offices of such companies as American Dental Clinic, Xavier Mines, Bank “Zenit”. GVA Sawyer reconstructed completely and did interior finishing of the Mothercare store on Prospekt Mira, 12.

The reconstruction and finishing of elite apartments occupies a special place in the spectrum of GVA Sawyer’s construction services. Such orders were filled by GVA Sawyer for the companies Rank Xerox, Deloitte & Touche, Master-Bank and a number of famous Russian public figures. In course of such line of works, GVA Sawyer takes over the responsibility to create a design project and approve it by the required authorities for the purpose of the strict SNiP compliance of the performed works.

In addition, GVA Sawyer had experience in construction of high class country houses. Such works were executed by the company in cottage settlements on Nikolina Gora and in other prestigious areas of Podmoskovie.

Riviera on Istra

Моscow region

Nine exclusive residences

GVA Sawyer is the general Contractor of the project.

Riviera on Istra, an elite suburban residential settlement, is located on the bank of Istrinskoye reservoir, 50 km away from Moscow.

Though GVA Sawyer specializes in commercial building development, the company’s potential enables it to implement elite residential projects. Riviera on Istra country club has become famous in the business circles of Moscow at the initial construction stage already.

In 2002, GVA Sawyer and partners purchased a 4.2 ha land plot on the east coast of Istrinskoye reservoir in Solnechnogorskiy district of Moscow region for the development of Riviera on Istra elite country club.

The project is unique because it combines the best features of modern American design and landscape architecture with the traditional Russian country life style.

The Master plan of the settlement is worked out by Robert Mortensen (Robert Mortensen & Associates, Washington, DC, USA), a famous American landscape architect, ex-president of American Society of Landscape Architects. The original style of the residencies within the settlement was worked out by Bill Poss (Bill Poss & Associates, Aspen, Colorado, USA), a famous American architect. The country club is designed in exquisite country style, with elements of traditional Russian architecture; basic materials are stone, glass, wooden blocks.

All the mansions of Riviera on Istra are designed and constructed in compliance with the international standards, on the basis of individual designs, with account of all the necessary requirements and the land plot owner’s wishes. The purchase of a land plot within the settlement implies a personal beach ownership and Riviera on Istra yacht club membership.

Riviera on Istra country club provides all necessary services, ensuring proper country vacation for the dacha owners without any need to bother about such routine as house maintenance and repair. 24 hour security is provided on the territory of Riviera on Istra, as well as administrative and concierge service.

Technical characteristics:

  • Total area of the land plot — 4,2 ha
  • Nine exclusive mansions
  • Yacht club
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Administrative building
  • Total area of buildings and structures — about 10000 sq m
  • Exquisite country style of the country club with elements of traditional Russian architecture
  • Basic materials — stone, glass, wooden blocks
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Kesko House

Моscow, Коrobeynikov pereulok, 1/2, bld. 1

GVA Sawyer is the General Contractor of the project

Kesco House – a class A office center – is located in a prestigious historical and business district of Moscow, in the immediate vicinity of Christ the Saviour cathedral, the Kremlin, the building of Foreign Ministry. The building is constructed for Kesco-M, at present it accommodates the head office of CMS Cameron McKenna, a largest legal company.

The building is commissioned in December 2003.

Technical characteristics:

  • Total area – 4 341 sq m
  • 3 above ground floors with a roof top plant room, basement and 1 underground floor
  • Underground garage provides 38 parking places
  • Complete wall glazing at the level of the 3rd floor and the roof
  • Granite and marble finishing