Drawing up “professional opinion” reports

Should you need to quickly analyse the situation or a commercial offer regarding investment in real estate, GVA Sawyer experts will be able to produce a “professional opinion” report within 8 hours up to 3 working days. Findings of the document will rest upon the data available to the Consulting Department on the Project, the development area, as well as personal experience in work with similar facilities. The report enables you to draw conclusions on expediency of further implementation of the project.

The integrated scope of work includes:

  1. Study of the initial materials submitted by the Client (general information on the property, prospective strategy of entry and exit from the transaction, the legal documents, available research findings)
  2. Short marketing analysis of demand, supply and commercial terms on similar projects in the considered area, conclusions
  3. Express analysis of expedient use of the property (type and construction format, class, general characteristics)
  4. Generalized analysis of efficiency (indicative expenses/incomes). The Consultant’s conclusion concerning justice of the prospective transaction upon entry of the Client in the project, his possible share and expected profitability.