Carrying out architectural competitions and tenders

Company GVA Sawyer possesses considerable experience and necessary resources for carrying out international architectural Competitions and Tenders.

Architectural Competition is the invitation of several architectural bureaus with the brief to elaborate an urban -planning and/or architectural concept of the developing territory, as a rule, on equal terms for the purpose of choosing the best solution. Competition types are: Urban-planning competitions, Architectural competitions, Competitions for the projects of territory development.

Advantages of Competition:

  • Multi-variant approach (possibility to choose from a number of variants the one which most corresponds to the Client’s requirements)
  • Maximum results within minimum terms
  • Decreasing number of social conflicts due to publicity of Competitions (public opinion is considered while choosing a territory development concept and this, as a rule, lessens potentially negative attitude to the project).

Consultant’s functions while carrying out architectural Competition include:

  1. Competition schedule and regulating rules
  2. Qualification short listing of competition participants
  3. Preparing a full package of the Competitive documentation
  4. Preparing a full package of the Initial documentation
  5. Organization and carrying out an awareness-raising seminar and additional meetings for Competition participants
  6. Estimation and correction of intermediate results presented by Competition participants
  7. Acceptance of the proposed variants, work assessment, recommendation for choosing the best project
  8. Summarizing Competition results
  9. Coordination between the Client and Competition participants

Competitions can be organized involving Urban-planning Committees (Committee of Urban-planning and architecture in St.-Petersburg). In this case the Committee acts as the official organizer, and Competition is carried out on the basis of the official Committee Resolution. GVA Sawyer thus performs the function of the organizational Consultant. The competitions organized according to this scheme, are the most legitimate and attractive for Architectural bureaus as the participants.

The Architectural Tender is a qualifying short listing of architectural bureaus for an urban-planning and architectural territory development concept, fitting the tasks and objectives of Tender, as well as the Client’s commercial offer.

Advantages of the Tender:

  • Close cooperation with Architectural bureaus, opportunity to create a product fitting the Client’s requirements;
  • It saves financial and time resources of the Client.

Consultant’s functions while carrying out the Architectural Tender imply:

  1. Qualification short listing of Tender participants
  2. Preparing a full package of the Initial documentation
  3. Preparation of a draught contract to be signed with the tender winner
  4. Presentations of architectural bureaus
  5. Final decision on the Tender winner, contract conclusion with the Tender winner
  6. Control over work of the architectural bureau(the Tender winner)

Examples of the Executed Projects

  • Apraksin Dvor
  • Orange
  • Yuntolovo І
  • Golden Fish

Cooperation with architects at all project stages

Professional advice at the stage "Pre-project": the pre-design elaborations developed by architects are transferred to the Consultant for control and correction purpose of the results. Both written and oral consultations can be provided at this stage. Then the results are transferred to the architectural group to develop “Design documentation”. Professional advice at the stage "Project”: design decisions are checked/corrected by the Consultant, then the corrected design documentation is transferred to the following design stage «the Working documentation».

A detailed Portfolio with explicit project descriptions and comments upon stages of organization and carrying out architectural Competitions and Tenders are provided upon request.