Business consulting: real estate as an element of business’ reorganization

1. “Feasibility study of production facilities’ reorganization/ relocation”

Many property complexes of Soviet period have become obsolete. The current use of real estate properties in developing cities does not correspond with their economic potential.

Elaboration of feasibility study is implemented in two stages – initial data collection and conducting of the feasibility study itself.

The following works are done within elaboration of feasibility study:

  • Forming a basic program of production facilities’ relocation from real estate specialists’ perspective (jointly with the specialists of the production process)
  • Optionally, with the view of elaborating few scenarios of production facilities’ relocation in addition to the basic scenario, the following is done: a complex costs analysis, study of possibilities for partial continuation of production with simultaneous relocation, expediency analysis for purchasing new equipment and others.

Introduction of the results of such study leads to:

  • Enhancement of efficiency of the enterprise’s current activities and efficiency of use of its immovable assets
  • Less risky and costly scheme for renewal of production means
  • Enhancement of business stability
  • Growth of the business’ value!

2. “Real estate as a means of production”

Quite often companies face the questions of expediency assessment of the office’s or retail point’s relocation, enlargement or reduction of premises as well as opening new branches. Will it be really efficient? Will the production process be disturbed? When and how the relocation should be done? What to start with? And many other questions. There is hardly a business without a real estate property being involved one way or another. The service “Real estate as a means of production” is provided for precisely such cases.

Our complex analysis allows to significantly reduce the costs of relocation/ opening/ change of the occupied premises.

3. “Goods and services: restart”

After crisis, up to 99% of the companies operating in the market have faced the need for review of positioning of the produced goods and rendered services, for opening new wok directions, market adjustment, choosing a new promotion strategy.

Within the frames of such tasks the most demanded works are as follows:

  • analysis of goods / service market on a certain territory of sales (demand and supply)
  • analysis of manufactures’ market of the considered goods/services
  • analysis of distributors’ channels and networks in the considered market
  • selection of the most attractive segments and vacant niches for development
  • elaboration of marketing plan and PR-events

4. Asset management

Even if the company’s current activities and its product portfolio fully comply with the company’s strategic plans, the company’s management is constantly facing the question of asset management (including real estate).

There might be a lot of questions within such a general task:

  • Expedience analysis of production consolidation;
  • Expedience analysis of lease of nearby (others’) premises with the view of saving from premises’ concentration;
  • Study of increasing the coefficient of daily use of the existing premises;
  • Elaboration of the plan for reorganization (re-equipment) of production process without stoppage of production and others.