Project audit

GVA Sawyer offers a service on organizing and conducting of operational analysis of unaccomplished or unimplemented development projects. The service of Project Audit is adapted to the Russian market.

This type of consulting services is primarily oriented towards the owners of suspended real estate properties, the buyers of such properties and also investors, making an operative decision on further financing of the suspended projects.

The work is carried out on the basis of data and conditions, provided by the Client, as well as information obtained by GVA Sawyer’s specialists.

A project team, consisting of development, marketing specialists and investment-financial analysts, is formed for conducting the Project Audit.

The work includes the following stages:

  1. Analysis of the property’s current condition and forming of an interim expert conclusion on the property’s resource quality, its legal and technical status.
  2. Analysis of the property’s market environment and forming of an interim expert conclusion, including assumptions on possible options of the property’s use.
  3. Investment analysis of the property’s use options, preparation of the economic assessment of choosing one of the options and forming of an investment memorandum if required.

As a result of the conducted work the final Conclusion is prepared with the account of its usage for making an internal managerial solution as well as for submitting it to financial and credit organizations with the view of obtaining an approval for preparation of a full-scale application for financing.

If required, the final Conclusion can be prepared in compliance with the standards of foreign financial and credit organizations and translated to the respective foreign language.

The term of work performance including elaboration of the final Conclusion is from 8 to 25 working days and can be changed upon parties’ agreement.

Additionally, upon the Client’s request, a Report on assessment of the whole property or parts of the property can be prepared in compliance with the international standards and with the involvement of GVA Grimley’s specialists. The report can be prepared in Russian as well as in a foreign language, stipulated in the technical brief. The report is adapted for the existing requirements of the Russian legislation.