"The team of GVA Sawyer brokers combines experience and professionalism of developers, engineers and builders who have implemented a lot of projects. Therefore brokerage services of the company area always based on the own practical experience"
Elena Shevchuk, Commercial Real Estate Vice President, Partner

Brokerage Consulting for Retail Centers

(Preliminary brokerage of REC)

GVA Sawyer’s Brokerage Department specialists offer new service to Retail Centers’ owners at the design or construction stage — a brief marketing analysis of the object’s concept and conformity to the current market conditions. Such analysis will be fulfilled on the basis of the data received in the course of preliminary brokerage of the object, i.e. communication with the retail operators, potential RC tenants.

As a result of the performed work, a report is prepared that includes the following chapters:

  • Evaluation of the interest shown by anchor tenants to participation in the project (information from direct communication with the operators);
  • Recommendations on plans of commercial premises’ placement on levels and zones to achieve the optimum customer flow distribution inside of the retail center, taking into account the existing limitations;
  • Recommended commercial conditions (rent rates/sales rates on different stages of the premises’ lease/sale, types of agreements)
  • Tenant-mix with an indication of certain potential tenants on certain REC premises within the framework of the project
  • Providing standard technical specifications for each anchor premise, group of similar premises
  • Recommendations on the marketing campaign for the object’s lease/sale
  • General project work schedule