Vera Setskaya, President of GVA Sawyer and Chairman of Expert Council in Guild of Property Managers and Developers (GUD) on assets capitalization of financial institutions

Services for banking structures and developers

During the crisis banking secure deposits have lost their value and liquidity. This stimulated the interest in attracting specialists from the real estate sphere for solving questions concerning rise of capitalization and realization of returned banking assets.

GVA Sawyer provides full-spectrum development services for investment and banking structures:

  1. Full-range audit of the project, property (due diligence)
    • Legal audit:
      • property, site rights
      • preliminary permissions analysis
      • analysis of the current agreements with tenants, contractors, managing companies
    • Technical audit:
      • assessment of design and permission documentation completeness
      • assessment of quality of design and engineering systems in the building
      • incurred charges analysis
      • project concept analysis
      • analysis of estimated project budget
      • analysis of estimated project schedule
      • analysis of engineering load and its supporting facilities
      • design concept analysis
      • analysis of existing engineering specification and facilities of the building
    • Marketing audit:
      • conformity assessment of property specifications to the market requirements
      • tenants’ pool assessment
      • assessment of terms of agreement with tenants, including earning the ensure income
      • appraisal of rent rates in the market
      • appraisal of asset attraction in the market
    • Project concept analysis in the context of its correspondence to the market requirements; profitability asset analysis; liquidity asset analysis
    • Financial analysis, including tax analysis
    • Risk analysis:
      • tax risks
      • legal risks
      • technical risks
      • loss profit risks
    • Analysis of management structure/upkeep of the building
  2. Drawing a perspective plan of asset management
    • formation of the project management structure
    • investment and marketing strategy development
    • financial engineering, tax and financial planning
    • asset modernization plan formation, including budget, schedule, strategy
    • property positioning/re-launch
    • concept and business plan development/redevelopment; development of the phasing plan
    • cooperation with tenants, marketing strategy realization, cooperation with new tenants
    • financial management, accounting and management accounting
    • tax planning
    • settlements with tenants, contractors
    • strategy of legal risks elimination
    • framing of the typical lease agreements
    • design of asset managing scheme
    • financial model development, return on assets calculation
  3. Asset management
    • construction/end of construction (development)
    • marketing campaign realization, elaboration of terms in lease agreements, attracting of the tenants
    • changing the way of asset management (services agreement, trust management, close share investment fund, shares in management, entering in the capital, outsourcing of executive board)
    • asset management, including
      • re-branding of the property
      • changing in the technical requirements and technical conditions of the asset
      • changing in the terms of existing agreements
      • improvement of the tenant’s pool
      • making additional service package
      • tax optimization
      • application of build-to-suit strategy
      • making effective system of upkeep of buildings
      • realization/purchase of the property

GVA Sawyer offers the following services in technical monitoring for developers and banking structures:

  • Expert’s reports, monitoring and draft of funds reports for creditors
  • Monitoring and system of development process reporting for the owner of geographically distant property