"We often advise our clients non-standard solutions — inexpensive, but effective".
Vera Setskaya, President GVA Sawyer

GVA Sawyer provides additional operative services to developers, investors and banks, including:

Technical expert assessment of the project/object:

  • Object’s technical state assessment
  • Project’s assessment and executive summary in regard to:
    • Completeness and quality of the legal documentation
    • Completeness and quality of approval documentation
    • Completeness of the object’s design documentation
    • Assessment of volumes of the performed construction and installation works
    • Expert assessment of construction estimates
  • Summary and recommendations on the process of project implementation, sequence of stages
  • Elaboration of a preliminary project implementation schedule and budget
  • Elaboration of the sequence of approvals
  • Evaluation of the availability of engineering systems (power supply, heating supply, water supply, sewage)

Technical monitoring:

  • Expert advice, monitoring and reports for credit granting banks
  • Monitoring and reporting to the owner of the geographically remote project