Constant support on behalf of GVA Worldwide association, possibility to cooperate with international experts in cope with full spectrum real estate services rendered by the company give GVA Sawyer an undeniable advantage among the competitors in the market of consulting and valuation services in the Russian Federation."

Types of performed valuation works

  • Asset valuation for M&A purposes;
  • Valuation of fund assets and optimization of asset control scheme;
  • Asset valuation of companies and enterprises for transactions and contribution into the charter capital;
  • Valuation of blocks of shares for purchase transactions;
  • Valuation of assets in case of management outsourcing;
  • Asset valuation for international corporations, banks and other financial investment institutions;
  • Valuation of the market value of the City/State share in investment development projects;
  • Valuation of real estate assets;
  • Valuation of investment projects;
  • Valuation of intangible assets and goodwill.