"The project stipulates redevelopment of the existing industrial /residential area”. This statement of a task complicates considerably even the simplest project. High-priority issues are the following:

  • Determination of a new functional usage of the facilities, taking into account all the restrictions and opportunities;
  • Ecological issues;
  • Determination of the best area for every facility, positioning the project and setting up requirements to technical specifications of certain parts;
  • Budgeting and evaluation of the technical feasibility of the proposed concept.

Experts from GVA Sawyer have a unique experience of working with such projects as the Central market in Novosibirsk, the project “Ufa-City” in Ufa, the stadium “Lokomotiv” in Moscow, “Apraksin dvor” in Saint-Petersburg, “Gostiny Dvor” in Moscow and etc. There are over 45 projects, where GVA Sawyer has been involved both as the consultant and the developer. Deep knowledge of the redevelopment project economy allows GVA Sawyer to create unique concepts serving the interests of investors, tenants and consumers.


GVA Sawyer`s services for redevelopment include: