Selection of a site and site technical due-diligence

GVA Sawyer has operated in the industrial property and land assets segments for over 15 years, providing services for the acquisition of land plots and property systems for such companies as Rolf, FINN PLARE, Komus, Fashion House, Volvo Truck, Sumitec International, and others.

A project team consisting of experts of brokerage and development departments provides the following services to select a site:

  • Planning phase:
    • Summary analysis of the client requirements and determination of possible search parameters;
    • Analysis of possible forms of transactions and commercial terms to purchase a land plot using a comparative analysis of existing supply on the market;
    • Approving the main commercial, technical and market parameters for the site selection with the client;
  • Phases related to gathering information and land plot selection:
    • Selection and analysis of existing supply on the market according to the requirements of the client («Long list of objects»)
    • Arranging first-time examination of the selected sites and duing preliminary due-diligence;
    • Technical assessment of the land plots answering the approved criteria:
    • Making a comparison table of different land plots and selecting the most attractive ones («Short list»)
  • Negotiation phase:
    • Recommendations for developing the most favorable deal framework;
    • Conducting negotiations and making comments regarding the correspondence of the proposed deal terms to market practices;
    • Help with preparing necessary documentation within the framework of the deal;
    • Financial, technical and legal consultations within the framework of the deal;
    • Support for negotiations concerning commercial and technical terms of the site purchase;
    • Coordination of the agreement signing as well as acceptance and transfer of the land plot.