"The team of GVA Sawyer brokers combines experience and professionalism of developers, engineers and builders who have implemented a lot of projects. Therefore brokerage services of the company area always based on the own practical experience"
Elena Shevchuk, Commercial Real Estate Vice President, Partner

Agency / Brokerage

REABS endorsement.

As part of its commitment to service excellence, GVA Sawyer has resolved to adopt the RICS Real Estate and Agency Brokerage Standards (REABS) as best practice for all its brokerage departments in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk.

The RICS Real Estate Agency and Brokerage Standards provide best practice guidance for real estate agents and brokers internationally. Their purpose is to ensure that clients receive objective advice, delivered in a professional manner that is consistent with internationally recognized standards. The standards set a framework for best practice in the execution and delivery of real estate agency services, subject to local legislative requirements and local market specifics.

Real estate agency and brokerage standards

In the context of changing commercial real estate market, one of the main priorities of developers and owners becomes the expert work with the target audience of consumers — the ultimate users — tenants and purchasers of the designed projects and the projects under construction. Financial success of the project depends actually on the client’s interest in the property, his confidence in the developer and correct perception of technical and commercial components of the project.

Professional brokerage services become absolutely necessary for solving this type of tasks. Based on the high professionalism and accumulated many years’ experience (including experience in implementing our own development projects) the specialists of GVA Sawyer’s Commercial Real Estate Department are capable of solving the most difficult and nonstandard tasks related to office, retail, industrial real estate and land plots in all regions of Russia.

The company’s staff, including specialists in building, engineering, technical and architecture spheres as well as financial analysts and lawyers, provides for the comprehensive and professional support, thus allowing to minimize the client’s risks while making a decision within a transaction.

GVA Sawyer’s Commercial Real Estate Department deals with the following types of real estate:

  • Office space of various classes;
  • Retail properties;
  • Bank premises;
  • Industrial real estate;
  • Land plots.