"Implementation of any investment and construction project will start with development of the most effective and commercially attractive concept".

Financial Engineering and Investment Attraction

Investment services, or “financial engineering”, is one of GVA Sawyer’s priority activities. The comprehensive service of individual and institutional investors’ interests is a unique offer thanks to the considerable development expertise, thorough knowledge of the real estate market of Moscow and the regions, technical and financial resources. GVA Sawyer’s specialists develop individual schemes of investment attractions to the project, structure transaction conditions, provide access to capital sources on the regional, national and international level, and support it from the beginning to the end.

GVA Sawyer’s Investment Transactions Department cooperates directly with private investors, professional developer groups, commercial banks, investment companies, direct investment funds. GVA Sawyer’s investment specialists make purchase transactions for office, retail, warehouse, hotel and residential projects, land plots with the developed concept, and operating objects, and assist at the attraction of stock and loan capital for investment and development companies.

The main tasks of the investment line of work include:

  • Structuring and coordination of the project implementation on each readiness stage (full or partial assignment of the investment rights, investment and co-investment, engagement of strategic partners)
  • Transfer of the operating object to institutional investors
  • Representation of the interests of investment groups in search for projects and objects
  • Analysis of potential project/object development strategies on the real estate market and evaluation (forecast) of the operational activity
  • Consulting on all stages of the investment project implementation (analysis of the current demand structure and commercial offers on the market, analysis of legal and project documentation)
  • Preparation of investment memoranda, business plans